quarta-feira, 28 de outubro de 2009

The chase

Veio escrito na embalagem "use e saia pra agitar".

This afternoon I went to my – almost – daily walk. When I got there, and was stretching up, I saw my Target – hot as hell – with no t-shirt on.
So I started to walk at once and kinda stared at him… but he was focused and running, as far as I can tell.
OMG! Target has the moves! Is it me or the temperature is getting higher?
Than suddenly [fuck!] Competition arrived. I was wearing pants and a t-shirt, she had a very small shorts and a blouse glued on her. (Damn! If I only had straight hair!)
I took a deep breath and thought “Competition obviously (unlike me) has a boyfriend”. [I’m much better off alone] I even thought “Competition can become friendly”. [Think again!] (Who am I trying to fool?)
Am I going to lose my ridiculously handsome Target? (No!) [No way!]
Out of nowhere Competition started to run. But hey, I can run! And guess what?! I can run faster than Competition. [Let the games begin! I’m always up for a dare]. Am I getting closer from the Target?
Oh no! Competition doesn’t play fair, she’s now taking her blouse off to run only with her top!!! (Why am I not surprised?) [Bitch!]
But Target doesn’t seem to care about Competition, or me(!), whatsoever and that’s worse!!
Competition can’t really run for a long time… So we continue – the battle – walking. Target is sweating now and he keeps running… running towards the way out. [!!!]
Hell no!! Target is about leave!! (So soon!) [How’s that for you Competition?]
Should I go after him? Try to talk, maybe? (No, stay, you may ruin everything!) “Everything” what?? [Yes, go. You call the shots!]
But I just kept walking… and it was no fun anymore, ‘cause he was gone… So I decided to leave aswell.
And when I was leaving, Target was sitting at the bench waiting for me! Surreal! [No, that’s just destiny not happening again!]
Than I went to stretch one more time, while Competition stood there all alone. And for my surprise Target appears from nowhere to introduce himself and tell me the words that I couldn’t say. (No, that’s just the last romantic dying in me).

hahah I’m just messing with you guys! Anyhow all of this did happen!

After all:

1) Finally today – after months – I went to walk with my i-Pod! Yesss music on! Congrats to me, overcoming my fear from the violence in the big city!

2) (I have to face it, it’s very likely that Target might have a very beautiful girlfriend!)

3) [Target is clearly gay!]

>>> Game Over <<<

2 comentários:

Gian Fabra disse...

Target was just working out, just like your imagination...

Women... lol
love it

a_girl_feeling disse...

Oh Gian! It would be tragic if it wasn't so comical! :)