segunda-feira, 3 de outubro de 2011


Melting >> A heat that consumes, later on I must refresh with friends having lemon ice cream and then heat up again dancing pop music and drinking piña colada! Life is really made of cicles...

The best is yet to come >> There are times that you feel like going for a eternal dive in the bluish sea
Times that emotion screams in your veins, and you let it out as a smile or tears
There are those times you allow the fire that burns in you to spread out
And others you ask to the hurricane that dwells in you: patience

For real? >> Fuel and fire shouldn't be mixed. 'Cause we do know that playing with fire might get us burn by the heat. Even so, "Fearless", is the coat I'm wearing nowadays, "Fierce" is so last year! So go ahead, light a match!

Make a wish >> Eu nunca encontrei uma lâmpada maravilhosa com um gênio me concedendo três pedidos, mas independente de encontrar ou não eu desejo, desejo, desejo...

Hocus Pocus >> If I put an enchanting and alluring spell on you, made by a blend of the flirty scent of flower petals, the glimmer of pearls, the cheerful flavor of red fruits, the sweetness of ivy leaves, with a bit of spicy pepper and the warmth of cinnamon, a smooth hint of vanilla and dreams, will you surrender yourself to me?

October Wish >> Hey my amazing future, I just want to remind you that I'm HERE! Come meet me! xo

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